Our World-Class Instructors

Almost all of our teachers hold a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education or Performance with many holding a Masters's Degree and Doctorate Degree. We offer a diverse group of teachers ranging from school teachers, recording artists, producers, band directors, and music therapists. Their backgrounds and styles vary from Classical, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, and Rock music. The teachers have showcased their talents throughout the world and have the unique gift to be able to teach students on every level.

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Professor Gibson

Artistic Director

Carrie Lessene

Piano, Vocal, Violin

Available Mon-Wed & Friday

Jovan Jordan


Available Wednesday & Saturday

Eunice China


Available Saturday

Nettie Williams


Available Monday &

Sean Tate


Available Saturday

Malik Henry


Available Saturday

Troy Berry


Available Tuesday


Joslyn Johnson

Ballet, Jazz, Tap

Available Saturday

Jameel Roberts

Piano, Sax, Flute, Trumpet

Available Saturday

Masha Smith

Piano, Vocal, Cello

Available Tue-Wed & Saturday

Priscille Michel

Violin, Piano

Available Wednesday & Saturday

Kevon Lewis

Bass / Guitar

Available Saturday