Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons in Philadelphia, PA

Our voice lessons offer students the necessary skills and techniques to be a singer or vocalist.

Are you looking to develop your voice and become a skilled singer or vocalist? Look no further than Gibson School of Music & Arts! We're a premier music and arts school located in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, PA, offering top-notch voice lessons that will help you unlock your full vocal potential.

Singing Lesson


During this lesson, students are taught breathing techniques, tonation and how to project their voices.

Vocal Coaching Lesson

Vocal Coaching

Students are coached on proper warm-up techniques, expanding their vocal range, finding their voice, taking care of their instrument: their vocals.

Voice Technique: Transforming Voices

At Gibson School of Music & Arts, we are dedicated to providing our students with the necessary skills and techniques to take their singing abilities to new heights. Our voice lessons are meticulously designed to cover all aspects of voice technique, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, our expert instructors will tailor the lessons to meet your specific needs and goals.

Breathing Techniques: The Foundation of a Strong Voice

The foundation of any exceptional singer lies in their breath control. In our voice lessons, we place great emphasis on teaching proper breathing techniques. Learning how to control your breath not only enhances your vocal power but also improves your endurance and overall vocal health. Our instructors will guide you through exercises and techniques that will strengthen your diaphragm and enable you to produce a consistent and beautiful sound.

Tonation: Crafting Your Unique Sound

Perfecting the art of tonation is crucial for every aspiring singer. At Gibson School of Music & Arts, we offer specialized instruction in tonation, ensuring that you develop a keen ear for pitch and learn how to execute it with precision. Through a combination of vocal exercises, ear training, and musical interpretation, we will help you achieve a pure and resonant tone that is uniquely yours.

Projection: Commanding the Stage

A great singer not only possesses a beautiful voice but also knows how to project it. Our vocal lessons focus on techniques that will help you project your voice confidently and effectively, whether you are performing on stage or in the recording studio. From microphone technique to stage presence, our instructors will equip you with the skills needed to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Vocal Coaching: Nurturing Your Talent

In addition to voice technique, we also offer vocal coaching to help you flourish as a versatile and expressive vocalist. Our experienced coaches will guide you through proper warm-up techniques, expand your vocal range, and help you find your unique voice. We understand that every voice is different, and our coaches will work closely with you to develop your own style, while ensuring proper vocal care to keep your instrument in optimal condition.

Join our Community of Passionate Musicians

At Gibson School of Music & Arts, we believe that music is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Our school fosters a welcoming and supportive environment where students from all backgrounds can thrive and grow. We offer performance opportunities throughout the year, allowing you to showcase your progress and build your confidence. Whether you dream of singing in a band, performing on Broadway, or simply want to enjoy the pleasure of singing, our dedicated instructors are here to help you along your musical journey.

Our Voice Instructors

Carrie Lessene-Music Instructor and Music Therapist

Carrie Lessene

Piano, Vocal, Violin, Flute Instructor & Music Therapist
Masha Smith-Cello Piano and Vocal Instructor

Masha Smith

Piano, Vocal & Cello Instructor

Our Voice Instructors

Carrie Lessene-Music Instructor and Music Therapist

Carrie Lessene

Piano, Vocal, Violin, Flute Instructor & Music Therapist
Masha Smith-Cello Piano and Vocal Instructor

Masha Smith

Piano, Vocal & Cello Instructor

Explore Limitless Possibilities

Unlock your vocal potential and embark on an incredible journey of self-expression and artistry. Enroll in our voice lessons today and discover the transformative power of music. Learn voice technique from the experts at Gibson School of Music & Arts and watch yourself grow as a confident and skilled vocalist. With our guidance and your passion, the possibilities are endless.
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