Voice Lessons

About Our Voice Lessons

Our voice lessons offer students the necessary skills and techniques to be a singer or vocalist.

Singing Lesson


During this lesson, students are taught breathing techniques, tonation and how to project their voices.

Vocal Coaching Lesson

Vocal Coaching

Students are coached on proper warm-up techniques, expanding their vocal range, finding their voice, taking care of their instrument: their vocals.

Our Voice Instructors

Carrie Lessene-Music Instructor and Music Therapist

Carrie Lessene

Piano, Vocal, Violin, Flute Instructor & Music Therapist
Masha Smith-Cello Piano and Vocal Instructor

Masha Smith

Piano, Vocal & Cello Instructor

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The Gibson School of Music and Arts was founded in 1995 by Professor Randy J. Gibson. We offer music and arts lessons and classes, musicians for hire, space rentals, instrument sales, and more.

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